Shipping policy

Kim Coffee provides sales services throughout Vietnam.
– Please check the goods carefully, compare the product with documents and warranty cards (if any) before receiving. In case you ask a relative to receive the goods, you still need to check the goods carefully before receiving. After successful delivery, we are only responsible for technical errors caused by the Manufacturer (any other cases will not be our responsibility).

– Please note: All products Kim Coffee distributes have complete documents from suppliers such as: Sales invoice; or (and) Delivery note; or (and) Delivery record; or (and) Financial invoice (if requested by the customer). Therefore, customers have the right to refuse to receive goods without one of the 4 types of documents above. This is to ensure product quality, purchase the right products from Kim Coffee, and at the same time ensure your rights in purchasing goods. Exchange/Return.

– Delivery time may be slower than expected for a number of reasons such as: Customer address is incorrect, Customer is not at home, Delivery staff cannot contact the customer, natural disasters, fires, … If for any reason, we will contact you to re-arrange a reasonable delivery time.

– In case the expected time has passed and the customer has not received the goods, please respond so we can have the fastest solution.

We currently have the following delivery methods:

  1. Receive goods directly

– For customers who come to buy goods at the supplier’s showroom, you will receive the goods directly at the store depending on the product.

– Please check the goods carefully, compare the product with documents and warranty cards (if any) before receiving.

– You will be provided with complete Sales Invoice documents by the sales staff; or (and) Financial invoice (if requested by the customer). You have the right to request the sales staff to provide documents if they have not been provided in time.

As for financial invoices for customers not in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, we will provide them later (if requested).

  1. Delivery staff at the customer’s home

– For customers in the inner city areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, we will deliver to your address (if requested).

– In some cases, customers order products that require installation and are of great value and have addresses in neighboring provinces far from the city. Hanoi and City. Ho Chi Minh City, our staff will carry out the work with costs incurred outside the province paid by the customer (if the customer requests).

  • Normally, customers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi who order on the same day will receive the goods after 01 working day but no more than 03 working days.

– The Transportation Department will contact you in advance to arrange a specific time and location for delivery to you.

– Please directly check the goods carefully upon receipt from the delivery staff. If there are problems related to the type, design, quality, or quantity of the goods that are not as in the order, Please notify us immediately for coordinated handling. If there are no problems, please receive the goods and sign the delivery note.

– You receive the goods, sign the delivery note and pay the delivery staff all or part (if a deposit has been made) of the value of the purchased goods (including the value of the goods + shipping fee + delivery fee). other birth (if any)).

– In case the goods have to be moved from a remote warehouse to the warehouse at our company or the goods have to be shipped outside the city. HCM or Hanoi, the sales staff will contact you to renegotiate the delivery time.

– In case for some reason the staff cannot deliver the goods in time, we will contact you and notify you.

  1. Courier delivers goods at the customer’s home

– For customers in remote districts, in case we cannot deliver, we will authorize some delivery units such as VNPT, Viettel, or some other reputable delivery units. .

– When ordering, please fill in all necessary information completely and accurately as required to create favorable conditions for us to deliver goods and receive payment quickly. We are also not responsible for late or lost deliveries due to incorrect information provided by you.

– Delivery time depends on whether you choose express delivery or regular delivery at the customer’s expense. This time is only relative.

· Express delivery: From 2 to 3 working days,

· Normal delivery: From 5 to 10 working days

– Please check the goods carefully as soon as you receive them from the courier. If there is a problem related to the type, quality, or quantity of the goods that is not as in the order, please contact us. Notify us immediately to coordinate with the delivery unit

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